'Grinch' Steals Christmas Decorations From California Family

A 3-year-old little girl named Olivia woke up to find her Mickey and Minnie inflatable Christmas decoration stolen. The family filed a police report.

'Grinch' Steals Christmas Decorations From California Family

It looks like there's a grinch in town, and KNBC reports this person did the grinchiest thing possible: steal from a 3-year-old in California.

"This is where 3-year-old Olivia first noticed her family's brand-new Christmas Mickey and Minnie Mouse were gone."

The Nazar family decided to check their surveillance video, and lo and behold, KNBC reports they found a thief had pulled up at 4:30 in the morning. 

"We just bought it this weekend. They looked forward to seeing it every night."

Sadly, it seems like there are a couple more people out there whose hearts are a little too small. Fox News has the video of two people stealing Christmas decorations from a family in a different state.

"These horrible grinches were caught on camera stealing a family's Christmas decorations. Philadelphia police released the video hoping to catch the Christmas crooks."

WTXF also had surveillance video of the situation and reports the two people seen actually hit up the same house twice. Detectives are asking for help identifying the two, and Santa's naughty list probably got a little longer, too.

The Statesman Journal notes that, sadly, police warn the holiday season presents more opportunities for theft. It says property crimes increase during the holidays because there are more accessible items to steal.

As for the Nazar family, they filed a police report but say the theft isn't going to break their Christmas spirit.