Sick Baby On Sailboat Spurs Complex Rescue Effort

A family stranded 900 miles from the Mexican coast with an ill child has recieved aid from the U.S. Coast Guard in getting medical attention.

Sick Baby On Sailboat Spurs Complex Rescue Effort
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Typically, when parents have a seriously ill child, they rush him or her to the hospital to figure out what's wrong. But one couple had to take a slightly different approach when their 1-year-old girl became ill 900 miles off the coast of Mexico.

Meet Eric and Charlotte Kaufman, on board their sailing ship the Rebel Heart. They were on their way across the Pacific Ocean with their two children in an attempt to circumnavigate the world when their daughter Lyra suddenly became ill. (Via therebelheart.com)

Sick kid. Almost a thousand miles from land. What's a family to do? Call the coast guard, of course.

After receiving a distress call Thursday morning, the U.S. Coast Guard dispatched a team of four para-rescuers of the Bay Area's 129th Rescue Wing. That same evening, the team then parachuted into the ocean, inflated a motorized boat, and boarded the Rebel Heart. (Via KGTV)

The 129th Rescue Wing's twitter account detailed their progress throughout the rescue, tweeting "Rescue Update from Flight Doc: medical intervention is currently working. Task Force remains on alert."

Although Lyra's condition was stable, she was still in need of medical attention. So what now? Send in the Navy? Well, yes, actually.

A press release from the team stated that "the USS Vandegrift, a U.S. Navy frigate, is en route to Rebel Heart in order to render assistance." That's going to run up the medical bill a bit.

But what kind of illness was baby Lyra suffering from anyhow? Well, KNSD learned that it's possible Lyra is suffering from some sort of salmonella, and was given antibiotics as a precaution. Not much more than that is known.

The team of pararescuemen are staying with the Kaufmans until Lyra reaches a medical facility that can treat her condition.