Army Reveals New Details In Fort Hood Shooting

Army investigators have revealed details of the fatal shooting, including the path that the gunman took and what may have sparked it.

Army Reveals New Details In Fort Hood Shooting
U.S. Army

Investigators said Monday that an argument over something as simple as a request for leave might have triggered the shooting spree at Fort Hood last week.

In the first detailed account of the rampage that took place last week, Army spokesman Chris Grey revealed a possible motive for the shooting. (Via KEYE)

"At this point in the investigation, we can confirm that the alleged shooter Specialist Ivan Lopez was involved in a verbal altercation concerning his request for leave and the processing for that request." (Via KVEO)

Grey also retraced Lopez's movements, starting at an administration building where he killed one soldier and wounded 10 others to the parking lot where he turned the gun on himself. (Via KULR)

Investigators reported that more than 35 rounds were fired over the 8 minutes that the situation lasted and that the total area of the rampage was the equivalent of two city blocks. 

After the shooting occured, media speculated that the cause of Lopez's shooting could have been post-traumatic stress disorder. (Via KAKE)

Reacting to this speculation, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer told Fox News that: "PTSD does not put you in the mind set to go out and kill innocent people. The media label this shooting PTSD, but if what that man did is PTSD, then I don’t have it.”

Although he was suffering from depression, Lopez had not been diagnosed with PTSD before the shooting.