Vandals Flip Over Smart Cars In San Francisco

Police are looking for a group of pranksters who flipped over four smart cars in San Francisco early Monday.

Vandals Flip Over Smart Cars In San Francisco

Proponents of smart cars will often talk about their advantages over traditional vehicles: better mileage, more environmentally friendly, easier to park and so on. But a group of San Francisco pranksters decided to highlight some of the drawbacks of smart cars: namely, light weight and a high center of gravity.

"Vandals are flipping those little smart cars. A witness told police he saw a group of eight people walk right up to one of the cars and just flip it right over. Eight people." (Via KGTV)

KNTV reports four smart cars in various San Francisco neighborhoods were tipped over between late Sunday night and early Monday morning. It's still unclear whether this is just a bizarre prank or some kind of anti-smart-car statement.

But it seems smart car drivers are made of sterner stuff. One of the vandalized cars owners told KPIX the sight of his car on its back didn't faze him.

"I want to say I feel violated, but I don't really care. Having lived in 'Cisco for as long as I have, I've come to expect random acts of violence and mayhem."

SFist notes car tipping isn't a new fad: Vandals in Amsterdam and parts of Canada have a history of targeting smart cars. The practice even made an appearance during the 2011 Vancouver riots. (Via YouTube / Voice of Vancouver)

Police are still looking for the culprits of Monday's car-tipping spree, who could face felony vandalism charges if they are caught.