Tech Company Claims Its Phone Battery Can Charge In 30 Sec.

The new technology uses Nanodots that provide faster speeds to memory chips and cellphone batteries.

Tech Company Claims Its Phone Battery Can Charge In 30 Sec.
YouTube / Doron Myersdorf

Waiting for your dead cell phone to charge when you're in a hurry can be pretty inconvenient. But one Israeli company claims its battery can fully charge a phone in seconds.

The company is called StoreDot, and it currently uses bio-organic technology called "Nanodots" in tech such as flexible displays, flash memory storage, even bio-medicine.

Now it's reportedly using those organic Nanodots, which emit a "better white" light in LCD displays, to test a new external battery than can fully charge a phone in just 30 seconds. (Via YouTube / oledinfo)

The battery was developed for a Samsung Galaxy phone and was unveiled at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv this week. (Via YouTube / Doron Myersdorf)

But don't expect to find the battery in new phones any time soon. TechCrunch reports it's only a prototype, and it could be three years before it will even be available to the public.

And the current design doesn't exactly make it user-friendly.

Clearly, the company still has to shrink the clunky, external battery to a more convenient size that can actually fit in the phone. (Via YouTube / Doron Myersdorf)

But a market-ready device in the near future looks promising. According to the BBC, the company is already using this technology in memory chips that are three times faster than traditional flash memory.

And — Apple users, don't worry, the company says it has plans to develop the technology for other phones as well.

The batteries won't come cheap, though. The founder of the company says they will likely make whatever product they're used with more expensive.