FBI Seeking Information About Alleged Child Molester

The FBI says William James Vahey could've molested more than 90 boys within a 30-35 year span while teaching abroad.

FBI Seeking Information About Alleged Child Molester

The FBI is asking for the public's help identifying people affected by an international sex criminal. 

The search centers around 64-year-old Williams James Vahey, a teacher who was jailed on child molestation charges in 1969 and taught in schools abroad between 1972-2014. In that time, he taught in Iran, Lebanon, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, the U.K. and most recently Nicaragua. (Via FBI)

The FBI reportedly searched a thumb drive belonging to Vahey which showed pornographic images of 90 boys who appeared to be drugged. 

"Agents suspect the boys, ages 12-14 were his students at an American school in Nicaragua, where he taught 9th grade world history and geography. The FBI said Vahey told the Nicaraguan school administrator that he drugged his victims." (Via KVRR)

Although Vahey had homes in London, England and Hilton Head, S.C., HLN reports he committed suicide in Luverne, Minnesota after the pornographic images came to light. 

According to KSFY, the FBI is urging those affected by Vahey to come forward because the images don't give the identities of the young boys and the agency isn't sure if the abuse was limited to students in Nicaragua. 

"You know we're talking roughly 30-35 years. There could be other students who didn't show up, their images didn't show up in the thumb drive."

The FBI is asking anyone with information to send a confidential e-mail to or contact a local FBI office, American Embassy or Consulate.