Julian Castro Rumored To Join Obama Cabinet

Reports say the Texas mayor and Democratic up-and-comer will likely replace Shaun Donovan as secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

Julian Castro Rumored To Join Obama Cabinet
Flickr / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio, Texas, Mayor Julian Castro will likely join President Obama's cabinet as secretary for Housing and Urban Development. That's according to several reports out of Washington. (Via Flickr / Texas Public Radio)

Castro made his mark on the national stage as a rising Democratic star at the party's 2012 convention.

CASTRO: "The days we live in are not easy ones, but we have seen days like this before, and America prevailed." (Via The New York Times)

CNN, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal all cite anonymous "government" sources who say The White House will tap Castro for the cabinet position. Castro turned down an offer from Obama to join his cabinet as transportation secretary in 2012.

The Housing and Urban Development spot hasn't historically attracted major up-and-coming political figures. George Romney held the position under Nixon, though that was after his presidential campaign. (Via WKBD)

Though current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo did fill the role during Bill Clinton's second term. He's rumored to be eyeing a White House run eventually. (Via WCBS)

And a cabinet spot might be the best route for the 39-year-old Castro to raise his profile. As a Democrat in the deeply red state of Texas, his options for moving up are limited for the foreseeable future. (Via Flickr / The Texas Tribune)

The White House has not confirmed any reports about Castro as of 4:30 eastern time Saturday. Julian also has an identical twin brother, Joaquin, who was elected to U.S. Congress in 2012.