1 Dead, Others Injured In Seattle School Shooting

Authorities say a gunman, who is in custody, shot at least four people on the campus of Seattle Pacific University Thursday afternoon.

1 Dead, Others Injured In Seattle School Shooting

‚ÄčAs more information comes out about the Seattle Pacific University shooting that left at least one person dead, we’re learning more about how students stopped the shooter’s attack.

Local police said during a news conference that the suspect entered a building on the school’s campus around 3:25 p.m. carrying a shotgun. The suspect then confronted and shot at least three people. (Via KING)

“The first thing I saw was my friend running in from the outside with two marks on his neck that were bleeding a little too much.” (Via KCPQ)

While the suspect was reloading his gun, local outlets report a student building monitor was able to take down and pepper spray the suspect.

A few other students jumped in and held the suspect down until the police arrived. Some students say they recognized the shooter as a fellow SPU student, but that hasn't been confirmed. (Via KIRO)

Authorities are now looking into a white pickup truck allegedly driven by the shooter. KIRO reports the truck’s registration belongs to a parent of an SPU student. (Via Twitter / @Amy_Clancy)

The young man who was killed was 19 years old. Two other men are currently in satisfactory condition and one woman is in critical condition.