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1 In 4 Americans Think The Sun Revolves Around Earth

In a national survey of more than 2,000 people, more than 20 percent said the sun revolves around the Earth.

1 In 4 Americans Think The Sun Revolves Around Earth

This one might be one of the most disturbing stories you'll hear all day... But first, I have a question. Does the sun revolve around the Earth, or does the Earth revolve around the sun?

Yup, that was a serious question the National Science Foundation asked to 2,200 Americans back in 2012. The results were published Friday... and 26 percent of people believe the sun moves around the Earth. (Via Discovery

Where's my coffee? 

"The foundation says that's frightening, claiming that is why this nation needs more money invested in teaching science in school." (Via KUSI)

The survey is conducted every few years to check into America's educational progress. But maybe you don't think 26 percent is much too be worried about. (Via National Science Foundation

Well, lets bring you back down to Earth, aka what some believe is the center of the universe. CNET writes, about "Fifty-two percent of Americans had no idea that humans evolved from animal species. This may be the 52 percent of people who believe that mayonnaise comes from the mayo plant."

About half participants believed astrology is a legitimate science, that's down from 2004 when 66 percent of Americans believed astrology was nonsense. (Via Daily Mail

Back to the whole Earth-sun thing, those who answered the question wrong are more than late to the game — the first notion of Heliocentrism was around the third century B.C.