100 Arrested After SoCal Spring Break Party Goes Bad

The annual all-day party called Deltopia has a reputation for getting out of hand. This year's devolved into a riot.

100 Arrested After SoCal Spring Break Party Goes Bad

A southern California party attended mainly by college students ended with more than 100 arrests and dozens hospitalized. 

"Hundreds of police officers were brought in to contain the violence. Things escalated about he 8 o'clock last night when sheriff's deputies responded to two stabbings." (Via KABC

"Police say there was widespread vandalism, small fires, and at least one car smashed at the so-called "Deltopia" gathering last night in Isla Vista. Police say two people were treated for stab wounds and two officers were hurt after being hit by objects thrown by party-goers." (Via KERO

KNBC reports 100 people were arrested and 26 people were taken to the hospital as a result of the street party that attracted 15,000 people. One injured police officer was reportedly hit by a backpack full of alcohol bottles and another by a thrown brick. 

Deltopia is an annual, unauthorized party that attracts students from the University of Santa Barbara campus. It generally involves drinking, loud music and basically whatever else college students do on spring break. (Via YouTube / I'm Schmacked

Still, authorities say it's not the first time the party has gotten out of hand. Authorities have taken measures to curb the out-of-controlness of it and school officials have advised students against attending. 

"We're encouraging our students to stay home. It's supposed to be a great weekend."


"We have planned for this event. We have more than 100 law enforcement personnel assigned." (Via KSBY

Last year, a UCSB student died in connection to a Deltopia party. Freshman Giselle Ayala reportedly fell off a cliff while fleeing a party being broken up by police officers. (Via The Santa Barbara Independent

Officers were able to control the crowd around 1 a.m. using tear gas, foam projectiles and help from neighboring law enforcement agencies.