101-Year-Old Working Man Has All The Advice You Need

Herman Goldman has worked at the same lighting store for almost 75 years. Find out his secrets to a happy, productive life.

101-Year-Old Working Man Has All The Advice You Need
News 12 Long Island

OK — we had to share this story. East Coast outlets brought to light the birthday of Herman Goldman. He just turned 101, he's been working for 73 years at a New Jersey lighting store, and he's here to tell us all we need to know about life.

NEWS 12 LONG ISLAND: "It gives me a reason to get up in the morning and go. ... You have to use your body also, and your mind and your heart."

The very senior employee got even more quotable with The Hanover Eagle, telling the outlet of his work ethic, "What am I going to do, sit around and grow old?" That's going on a T-shirt.

Goldman used to be a store manager but now works in repairs four days a week. 

You've got to hear the reactions to this story — across outletsanchors were amazed.

"What do you give an employee that's been there as he approaches 75 years? ... This guy needs a Mercedes."

"The guy looks like he's in his early '70s."



Facebook users on News 12 New Jersey's page agreed — the consensus from commenters it that Goldman looks awesome and is awesome.

We're hoping for two things to come out of this: a book of advice from Goldman and the secret to his skin-care regimen. 

​The only time he hasn't worked at Capitol Lighting since 1941 was for three years to serve in World War II. Goldman's wife also used to work at the store, but she passed away. 

You can get more on Goldman and his incredible story through News 12 New Jersey — you'll especially want to hear his advice on watching TV. It's all the career counseling you'll ever need.