17 Dogs Found Dead At Kennel, Owners Want Answers

At Green Acre boarding house in Gilbert, Arizona, 17 dogs were found dead. Police believe it was from heat but owners say otherwise.

17 Dogs Found Dead At Kennel, Owners Want Answers

In what's being described as a "tragic accident," seventeen dogs were found dead at a Gilbert, Arizona pet boarding facility during the weekend. 

"Deputies say a dog chewed through an electrical wire that cut off the air to the dog's room. The owner say the dogs were in that room for six and a half hours Thursday night into Friday morning." (Via KNXV)

But that's where details start to get hazy. KPNX  in Arizona reports the dogs were found dead Friday morning but the owners say they weren't informed until the next day when they were told the dog had run away.

"I thought well I should just go over there. ... I pulled up to two dead dogs in the driveway."

"They want to know how 17 dogs die of heat over night of heat when it was only 80 degrees." 

One woman said when she came to pick up her dogs body it was brought out to her and dropped at her feet like "a piece of meat."

"The owners of this kennel are Todd and MaLeisa Hughes. ... They told us quote, 'This couldn't have been avoided.'" (KNXV)

But it gets deeper, according to KSAZ the owners weren't even home when the incident took place. 

"They were out of town ... and left relatives in charge. Fox 10 has been able to confirm that those relatives are the owner's daughter and her husband, Austin Flake, son of Arizona senator, Jeff Flake."

Senator Flake released a statement saying, “I learned of this tragic accident yesterday. I can't imagine the devastating loss these families are experiencing. My heart goes out to the owners who lost their beloved pets." (Via KSAZ)

So far there have not been any charges filed but the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says it will continue to investigate.