2 Missing Colorado Skiers Found Dead

Two skiers have been found dead after a group they were with got caught up in an avalanche in Lake County, Colorado.

2 Missing Colorado Skiers Found Dead
Lake County Office of Emergency Management

Officials have found the bodies of two Colorado skiers Sunday after they were trapped by an avalanche. 

The accident happened Saturday in Lake County, Colorado, according to the county Office of Emergency Management, which reported a group of seven skiers in total were close to the top of the ridge when the avalanche started. (Via KMGH)

"Searchers had already located signals from beacons worn by the two before discovering their bodies."

"Officials say that those beacons are so key for these skiers in these difficult terrains ... but, at the same time they're not a failsafe." (Via CNN

Through its Facebook page, the agency said of that group of seven, three had injuries that included a broken leg, broken ankle and collapsed lung. Two walked away relatively unharmed.

Early last week another Colorado man became the 10th person nationwide to die in an avalanche this winter. The state says avalanches this year have been the biggest officials have seen in decades. (Via  ‚ÄčKTVD)

Area authorities say there's still a danger of further avalanches due to the combination of strong winds, weak layers of snow and rapid warming. The identities of the skiers involved have not been released.