2 Skydivers Dead After Mid-Air Collision

Two skydivers are dead and a third was sent to the hospital after a mid-air collision in Arizona.

2 Skydivers Dead After Mid-Air Collision
SkyDive Arizona

Police in Arizona say two skydivers are dead and another injured after a mid-air collision.

 "Witnesses say the pair crashed into one another about 300 ft up, collapsing their parachutes and sending them plummeting to the ground." (Via CNN)

One of the sky divers was pronounced dead at the scene, the other later at the hospital. The third skydiver's injuries aren't believed to be serious. (Via WZVN)    

The accident happened in the town of Eloy, at SkyDive Arizona. It's the largest drop zone for skydivers in the world. 

The company promotes group skydives on its website, and had a group of more than 60 women perform a dive just last weekend. 

A seasoned jumper who has landed at SkyDive Arizona hundreds of times told KGUN an accident like this is incredibly rare.  

"Of course it's very rare. I would say one in tens of thousands. ... It's terrible, I'm trying to find out if it's one of my friends."

Police have not yet released the names of those involved in the crash. According to KSAZ, police said the skydivers are not from the U.S.