3 elderly women identified as victims of New Mexico shooting rampage

New Mexico authorities said Tuesday that the 18-year-old gunman fired more than 100 rounds in the rampage.

Investigator collect evidence at Farmington, New Mexico, shooting scene
Susan Montoya Bryan/Ap

The women killed in a mass shooting in northern New Mexico ranged in age from 73 to 97 years old, authorities said. 

Police said the gunman, an 18-year-old man, fired at random on Monday, killing the three elderly women. 

They were identified as Gwendolyn Schofield, 97, her 73-year-old daughter, Melody Ivie and Shirley Voita, 79. 

New Mexico authorities said Tuesday that the gunman fired more than 100 rounds in the rampage. In addition to the three women who were killed, six people were wounded. 

Two of the victims were responding officers from the Farmington Police Department and New Mexico State Police. Officials said the officers were treated at a local hospital and have since been released. 

Scene of shooting

3 dead in New Mexico shooting

According to the Farmington Police Department, the suspect was was shot and killed when confronted by officers.


The gunman had three firearms, including an assault-style weapon, during the rampage, police said. At least one of them was purchased legally, after the shooter turned 18, authorities said. 

The shooter was a senior at Farmington High School. His classmates participated in their graduation ceremony on Tuesday. 

There was no shying away from the fact that the community was just hit by tragedy. There were several mentions of the victims during the ceremony. The school's principal also led a moment of silence. 

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