2 Bodies Found After Virginia Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire

Police say the hot air balloon hit a power line as it was getting ready to land during a balloon festival in Virginia Friday.

2 Bodies Found After Virginia Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire
WWBT / Jim Cox

Authorities say they've found the remains of two people in the search for a hot air balloon that caught fire in Virginia Friday. 

According to CNN, the remains of the third occupant on board the balloon have not yet been found. The balloon, officials say, crashed 25 miles north of Richmond.

WITNESS: "All [we've] seen was just stuff falling from the sky, the basket, the balloon, everything was on fire. And I said, oh please, God, tell me that there's not anybody in there."‚Äč (Via WTVR)

According to WWBT, police say the hot air balloon believed to be carrying a pilot and two passengers hit a power line Friday evening and crashed a short time later. Police say the basket and balloon carrying it might have broken apart during the fire.

Authorities continue to search for two different crash sites. WRIC says there were reports two people inside the hot air balloon's basket had jumped out after it caught on fire.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports witnesses also say they heard two explosions around the time the balloon caught on fire. It reportedly happened as the balloon was getting ready to land.

USA Today notes organizers of the Mid-Atlantic Balloon Festival have canceled plans for events on Saturday and Sunday in the wake of the accident.

A state police spokeswoman told reporters police have a good idea of who might have been in the balloon when it caught on fire and have notified family members.