3 UTEP Players Investigated By FBI For Betting On Games

McKenzie Moore, Jalen Ragland and Justin Crosgile from UTEP have ben removed from the school as the FBI investigates them for betting allegations.

3 UTEP Players Investigated By FBI For Betting On Games
UTEP Athletics / Newsy

When college athletes get suspended, it usually means they're in trouble with the university or NCAA. In this case, three UTEP players are being investigated by a larger authority — the FBI. 

McKenzie Moore, Jalen Ragland and Justin Crosgile from the University of Texas - El Paso were suspended indefinitely and have now been removed from the UTEP basketball team after allegations they bet on games. (Via UTEP Athletics

KFOX first reported that just Moore and Ragland were being investigated by the FBI. The university confirmed those suspicions Tuesday, adding that Crosgile is involved as well.

"Three men's college basketball players ... did participate in betting on one or more sporting events ... We have no evidence of point shaving involved."

Moore is the team's leading scorer, and prior to the university press conference, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Eisenberg said the reason for the teammates suspension and federal investigation could have been point shaving or fixing a game to keep it within a certain betting spread.

"... FBI involvement would be consistent with previous point shaving cases at the University of San Diego and Auburn."

Point shaving is a federal crime and, according to the NCAA, any player found guilty is hit with a "permanent loss of eligibility" from NCAA athletics. 

University officials said they did NOT find evidence of point shaving in particular by the three players, but all three are no longer enrolled at UTEP after the betting allegations. The Miners are 10-5 this season and next face Charlotte on Thursday.