5 Stabbed, Killed At Calgary College Party

Five college students were killed at a house party in Calgary while celebrating the end of their school year.

5 Stabbed, Killed At Calgary College Party

Five college students were killed at a house party in Calgary while celebrating the end of their school year. 

"The suspect arrived at the party, obtained a large knife, and targeted the victims one by one, stabbing them several times. ... nothing they did contributed to what happened to them."

Police Chief Rick Hanson also called the scene the worst mass murder in Calgary's history, noting it was "horrific." 

The Calgary Sun says the suspect, and only person of interest, is the son of a 33-year member of the department, Insp. Doug de Grood. Hanson, quoted by the media outlet, said of his colleague:

"He’s spent his life protecting innocent people in the community. And to have this happen is something that for any cop ... is just devastating. ... The family is devastated. ... Nobody saw this coming. There was no indication of anything like this that the family had seen."

All of the victims have been identified and the suspect is in custody.

"After being tracked by the police canine unit, the suspect was arrested, 22-year-old Matt de Grood is a U of C student."

Neighbors are reeling from the news.

"I'm in shock. Five people, five young people have been stabbed. Who could do a thing like that?"

Three men were found dead on the scene, stabbed inside of the home. Another man and woman were found seriously injured and transported to the hospital, where they later died. 

Calgary Herald paid tribute to one of the victims, 22-year-old Josh Hunter, who was a drummer in a local band Zackariah and the Prophets. His bandmate, 23-year-old Zackariah Rathwell was also killed.

Globe and Mail reports, "The other three were later identified by media reports as Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong and Kaitlin Perras."

All of the victims were reportedly in their 20s, and Matt de Grood was an invited guest. So far, there seems to be no explanation or motive for the attack.