5 Unusual Travel Spots You Definitely Want To Visit In 2016

From Siberia to Cuba, these are some of the best off-the-beaten-path adventures you can take this year.

5 Unusual Travel Spots You Definitely Want To Visit In 2016
Andaman & Nicobar Islands Tourism

You sound like you deserve a trip in 2016. We have some ideas.

Fans of the outdoors: Book a trip to Siberia.

Things to do include ice diving in the deepest freshwater lake in the world, ice go-karts, snow kite on glacial lakes and ice golf.

(Video via BaikalStory)

And listen to this.

Foodies: Try Ghent, Belgium.

Led by the Flanders Kitchen Rebels, Ghent is driving a food revolution in Belgium.

And nothing says party like a food party, which has become an annual event called the Flemish Food Bash.

Sun soakers looking for an untouched beach: Check out India's Andaman Islands.

Only 37 of the 572 isles are inhabited, making them hard to get to.

But touring them on a diving yacht is always an option.

Wine aficionados beware: British Columbia's Okanagan Valley 2015 vintage wines are rumored to be the best in a century.

And Travel and Leisure named Havana, Cuba, the No. 1 travel destination of 2016.

If you can get there, you can check out the historic quarters, national parks or Ernest Hemingway's house.

This video includes images from anton petukhov / CC BY 2.0Smabs Sputzer / CC BY 2.0 and Jacob Michankow / CC BY 2.0.