50 Cent, Intel Team Up For Heart-Rate Tracking Headphones

Intel and 50 Cent's company, SMS Audio, announced they're collaborating to offer water-resistant earbuds aimed at athletes.

50 Cent, Intel Team Up For Heart-Rate Tracking Headphones

Chip maker Intel and rapper 50 Cent's electronics company, SMS, have teamed up to create headphones aimed at making your workout more efficient. 

These are the SMS Audio BioSport in-ear headphones powered by Intel — whoa, that's a mouthful. The selling point: the headphones' ability to measure you heart rate while you work out. 

​​In a press release, ​the president of SMS Audio said, "The wearable technology collaboration between SMS Audio and Intel elevates our capability to bring smart exercise to consumers." 

With NBA star Carmelo Anthony as a spokesperson, SMS already offers gear aimed at athletes and fitness fanatics. (Video via YouTube / 50 Cent)  

Like the sweat-resistant STREET by 50 headphones.

The new BioSport earbuds are reportedly not only sweat-resistant, but also water-resistant. So you can work out in the rain — you know, if that's your thing.   

Now, if the whole heart-rate tracking headphone idea sounds a bit familiar, that's because it's nothing new. There is some competition out there from LG. (Video via TechHive

Which already has its headphones on sale, priced at $179.99 on its website. But the site doesn't say anything about the device being sweat- or waterproof, which could be just one weak spot when standing beside the new SMS-Intel headphone. 

​Mashable points out another area where the new earbuds could rise above competition — ease of use.


"With LG's solution, the user has to attach the earbuds to a clip-on medallion. It then connects to a music device over Bluetooth to stream music. The BioSport, in contrast, looks and acts just like a regular pair of headphones. No batteries are required — just plug them in to a 3.5mm headphone jack and you're done."

And for users of LG's headphones, they must download a customized app that tracks data the headphones gather. 

Whereas, BioSport has teamed up with already-existing fitness app RunKeeper — if you've already downloaded it.

However, just like most products, price could be the ultimate selling point — an aspect SMS and Intel have been hush about, only saying the headphones will arrive in Q4. But Mashable reports, "When pressed, it was confirmed that the price point would be below $150."

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