88-Year-Old Shoots Wife In Hospital; Now On Suicide Watch

A Nevada man is on suicide watch after walking into a hospital and shooting his wife in the chest.

88-Year-Old Shoots Wife In Hospital; Now On Suicide Watch
Carson City Sheriff Department

Sunday an 88-year-old man reportedly walked into the rehabilitation ward of a Nevada hospital where his wife was staying, pulled out a handgun and shot her in the chest.

"The entire staff of the hospital has been very,very traumatized by this. ... When something like this happens it's not something that's going to be easily defined or described at this time." (Via KOLO)

Police were able to subdue William Dresser within minutes, he was arrested and the hospital was put on lockdown for two hours. His wife survived. (Via Reno Gazette-Journal)

"Officials with the Sheriffs' office are calling this a targeted domestic dispute. Dresser's wife was in the rehab ward for injuries previously incurred." (Via KRNV

)Dresser is now on suicide watch in the Carson City jail. He's been charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon with an elderly enhancement. (Via NBC)

Which in Nevada means, "If the victim in the case was sixty or older, the court will order an additional sentence of 1 to 20 years." (Via Las Vegas Defense Group)

No one else was injured in the incident but Dresser's wife's injuries are believed to be life threatening. She was flown to area hospital. No further information has been released on why she was in the hospital, and Dresser has no other known criminal history.