A 9-Month-Old Arrested For Attempted Murder?

A nine-month-old Pakistani boy who was arrested for attempted muder was let out on bail and has to come back for another hearing this month.

A 9-Month-Old Arrested For Attempted Murder?
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How young is too young to be arrested? Ten? Five? How about nine months old? Authorities in Pakistan seem to be perfectly willing to arrest an infant for attempted murder.  

There he is, baby Mohammad Musa, having his tiny prints taken. The child was arrested in early February, along with his family, for reportedly‚Äč throwing rocks at gas company officials. (Via KBMT)

The alleged incident began after residents say police and gas company officials came to their neighborhood without notice and began removing gas meters from homes which in turn started a protest. 

The Inqusitr reports the nine-month-old, his father and some 30 other people were booked for attempted murder with intention or knowledge. 

And according to baby Mohammad's father, the charges were inflated, "Our crime is that we had protested against non-availability of electricity in our locality." (Via The Times of India

"The baby's grandfather took him to court where a judge granted him bail and told police to 'record his statment.' What are they thinking?" (Via KHOU)

It's also not clear if Musa can even be charged with a crime. "The charge is in direct contradiction with Pakistan’s minimum age of criminal responsibility, which was raised from seven to 12 years in 2013 except in terrorism cases." (Via

And outlets note the presiding judge didn't have the jurisdiction to dismiss the case but the chief minister does. He heard about the case and the arresting officers will face "stern action." (Via The News International

But the infant will still have to appear in court on April 12 for his next hearing. Poor kid.