A Baby Was Found In A Manger (No, Not That One)

A custodian at a New York church heard crying and discovered a baby boy abandoned in a Nativity scene.

A Baby Was Found In A Manger (No, Not That One)
Maurizio Pesce / CC BY 2.0

A baby boy was found in a manger. And no, this isn't a Bible lesson about the birth of Jesus. This particular baby was abandoned in a New York church's Nativity scene.

WABC reports the baby was found at the appropriately named Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens, New York. A custodian heard crying coming from the indoor Nativity scene and discovered the newborn boy inside the manger, wrapped in cloth, with the umbilical cord still attached. 

Police are searching for the baby's mother. A bishop at the church told WLNY the person who left the baby behind could be from the neighborhood and possibly even attend the church. (Video via WNYW)

"Pope Francis preaches about mercy, and this is actually a year of mercy. And what more merciful way to live, but to give a home to someone in need," Father Christopher Heanue told WLNY.

Bishop Octavio Cisneros posted on his Facebook page that the baby is healthy and urged people to pray for both the boy and his mother.