Actress Amy Adams Gives Her 1st Class Seat To U.S. Soldier

The Academy-nominated actress' father was in the military. Adams told reporters she didn't make the kind gesture for attention.

Actress Amy Adams Gives Her 1st Class Seat To U.S. Soldier
Vanity Fair

​Random acts of kindness by celebs are always nice to see every now and then. We definitely love to see hollywood’s finest going out of their way to make someone's day.

We got a little taste of that when Oscar nominated actress Amy Adams quietly gave her first class seat to an American serviceman on board. (Via Vanity Fair)

Adams' friendly gesture doesn’t come as a surprise for many. Her father served in Italy where Adams was born. Even with the close military ties, Adams was adamant about keeping the deed hush hush.

“I didn’t do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the troops.” (Via Inside Edition)

Co host of ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie, Jemele Hill, was on the same flight and saw the nice deed and couldn’t keep it to herself, tweeting 

Just saw actress Amy Adams do something incredibly classy. She gave her 1st class seat to an American soldier. I'm an even bigger fan now.” (Via Twitter / jemelehill)

Hill told ABC that after the switch was made, Adams privately met with the soldier by the cockpit.

Hill wasn’t the only one pleased with Adams’ good deeds — fellow fans in coach posed for selfies with the actress. (Via TMZ)

And passenger Earnest Owens even got to sit next to the fresh faced actress for the entire flight. (Via Twitter / MrErnestOwens)

“It was a random act of kindness. She said it was something she always wanted to do. She decided she wanted to put her money where her mouth is, basically.” (Via Inside Edition)

"It says a lot about her character that she quietly wanted to say, 'Hey.'" (Via KMGH)

Classy move, Amy. Classy move.