Adidas Removes Racy Brazilian World Cup T-shirts

World Cup sponsor Adidas pulled Brazilian t-shirt designs after the Brazilian Tourism Board labeled them too sexy.

Adidas Removes Racy Brazilian World Cup T-shirts

‚ÄčAdidas pulled its Brazilian World Cup T-shirts on Tuesday after the Brazilian Tourism Board deemed them too sexy.

Critics called the shirts “sexualized” — one shirt has the phrase “Looking To Score” with a full-figured Brazilian woman in a bikini on the front. (Via Marketing Magazine)

The other shows a heart wearing a bikini bottom. But an Adidas spokesperson confirmed to CNN the company is withdrawing the product line.

That’s because Brazil’s Tourism board says the shirts don’t give an accurate view of Brazil.

 “This is a single entendre. Those t-shirts say, ‘If you go to Brazil, you will get sex. Brazil equals sex.’ I can see why they might have an issue with that.” (Via CNN)

Brazil is combatting perceptions that it’s a sex tourism destination, and the head of Brazil’s Tourism Agency felt like the shirts conflicted with the country’s efforts to fight sexual exploitation. (Via Euronews)

But the fact Brazil — known worldwide for its Carnival festival — would take issue with the t-shirts had anchors on San Antonio’s KABB confused.

 “Considering what they wear in Brazil! When they have festival and everything. Yea, that shirt would be the most they wear.” (Via KABB)

Still, Adidas reacted pretty quickly to the backlash, not only pulling the shirts but according to the New York Post, also releasing a statement saying, Adidas always pays close attention to the opinion of its consumers and partners.” (Via Twitter / @EmmaKCahill, @snolen, @NatashaVianna)

The tourism board gave its own suggestions on Facebook for more appropriate designs — like a heart with a smiley face or a fully-clothed woman with the message “We Love Brazil.”

The World Cup is set to start in Brazil on June 12.