Alec Baldwin Says He's Done With Public Life

In an essay for New York Magazine, Alec Baldwin says, "No More Mr. Show Business." He wants to move to LA and live a normal life as an actor.

Alec Baldwin Says He's Done With Public Life
Wikimedia Commons / Joella Marano

Alec Baldwin announced he is retiring from public life and even plans to leave town.

The "30 Rock" actor penned an article for New York Magazine, where he laments New York City changing in the 30 years he's lived there — recounting several events last year that have made him consider moving to LA. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Joella Marano)

One of those events: an incident in which he allegedly screamed an anti-gay slur at a photographer who tried to take a picture of the actor leaving his home with his wife and new child. (Via New York Post)

That incident got him suspended and subsequently fired from his short-lived talk show "Up Late" on MSNBC.

And Baldwin was not shy about telling everyone just what he thinks about the media and its personalities.

He writes: "Now I loathe and despise the media in a way I did not think possible. … This is the last time I'm going to talk about my personal life in an American publication ever again." (Via The New Magazine)

According to People, he even took jabs at MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow, or as he calls her, "the ultimate wonk/dweeb who got a show." He says she's a "phony who doesn't have the same passion for the truth off-camera."

A BuzzFeed correspondent tweeted a response from Rachel Maddow saying: "I have never met Mr. Baldwin, either on camera or off-camera. I wish him all the best." 

Baldwin goes on to say he plans to move to LA, where he and his family can live a normal life and where he can be just an actor instead of "Mr. Show Business." (Via WABC)

Baldwin did not say when he would be leaving the Big Apple, but he's made similar threats before. About five months ago, he told The Huffington Post quitting his career might be an imminent possibility.