Alleged Kidnappers-For-Hire Get Wrong Address, Wrong Person

Court papers say an imprisoned gang leader hired a group to kidnap the woman who prosecuted him, but instead the group took the prosecutor's dad.

Alleged Kidnappers-For-Hire Get Wrong Address, Wrong Person

Earlier this month, a man was held captive in D.C. — then rescued by an elite FBI squad.

Well, turns out that man wasn't the kidnappers' intended target. An indictment released Tuesday revealed: (Via Los Angeles Times)

"The alleged kidnappers hired by a jailed gang leader were supposed to kidnap the prosecutor who sent him to prison for life, but they looked up the wrong address online." (Via NBC)

Instead, court documents say the kidnappers went to Prosecutor Colleen Janssen's father's house and took him by force, even tasing and pistol whipping him. The indictment says the kidnappers were hired by Kelvin Melton, whom WNCN describes as a high-ranking Bloods gangster.

"Documents also reveal an elaborate plot to murder Janssen, bury his body and cover up the crime. Three suspects were found with shovels and a firearm."

Nine people have been charged in the alleged plot. Court documents say Melton promised the kidnappers $10,000 each for the job.