Altwork Reclining Desk Ushers In Our Dystopian Future

The Altwork Station allows you to use a computer comfortably while reclining, for "working."

Altwork Reclining Desk Ushers In Our Dystopian Future
Twitter / @AltWorkStations

Don't be alarmed, these are not the dentist chairs of your nightmares. What you're watching is one company's attempt to disrupt the humble work desk.

California startup Altwork is pulling back the curtain on its high-tech workstation, which will "physically conform to the needs of humans in the workplace." Translation: You get to recline and lie down while working.

The desk comes with four different modes: standing, sitting, a collaborative mode, which lets you rotate the screen, and so-called "focus" mode, which lets you recline. Magnets keep the keyboard and mouse anchored to the desk, and we're sure the desk is strong enough to keep your monitor from falling on your face.

Although lying down at work all day seems like another step toward our slothful dystopian futureAltwork CEO Che Voigt says the workstation is designed to let you change positions during the day, accommodating a range of different sitting and reclining options.

"The human body is each unique, and we ended up having to create a system that was continuously comfortable from fully-upright sitting to fully reclining," Voigt told USA Today.

Several tech outlets have already demoed the Altwork Station, and it's getting mostly rave reviews. The desk is still in production and will cost a cool $5,900 when it's released, but early adopters can preorder it for "just" $3,900.