Amazon Hashtags Its Way Into Twitter Shopping Experience

On the back of the #AmazonCart announcement is Amazon Wishlist, a similar feature where customers add items to their account's wishlist via Twitter.

Amazon Hashtags Its Way Into Twitter Shopping Experience
Getty Images / David McNew

By adding a hashtag to AmazonCart and now Amazon Wishlist, it seems the retail giant is going all in on Twitter shopping.

Back in May Amazon announced a new feature aptly named Amazon Cart: “Just hit reply and add #AmazonCart and it will be waiting in your cart the next time you visit Amazon.”

Now on the back of that announcement is Amazon Wishlist, where customers can reply with #AmazonWishlist and the product will be added to – you guessed it – their personal account’s wishlist.

But the effort to turn your Twitter feed into a shopping destination is not exclusive to Amazon.

Earlier this month Twitter unveiled its ‘Buy’ button, which allows users to discover and buy products from select retailers directly through Twitter.

In July, Facebook rolled its own ‘buy’ button pilot program where users can store their credit card information and buy products all within Facebook.

And while Facebook and Twitter are working with purchase features, PCWorld notes a wishlist that has a little less obligation may be what the Twitterverse needs.

“#AmazonWishList indicates your interest in an item without committing to it. Twitter and Amazon see what strikes your fancy and can show you more stuff like it in Promoted Tweets. Eventually you’ll click 'buy,' but it won’t feel forced.”

Whether these built in shopping solutions are working still isn’t clear. None of these major tech brands have released data on how well or not so well the various ‘buy’ button features are doing.