American Apparel CEO Fired After Investigation

Controversial CEO Dov Charney has been let go, said the company's board.

American Apparel CEO Fired After Investigation
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Controversial American Apparel CEO and founder Dov Charney has been suspended, and will be terminated from the company in 30 days.

As CNN reports, the exact reasons why are unclear, but board member Allan Mayer cited an investigation into alleged misconduct by Charney.

CFO John Luttrell will serve as interim CEO of the Los Angeles-based company, which Charney founded in 1998. 

American Apparel built its brand on sexy ad campaigns, but Charney built a reputation of being too sexual at the workplace. He faced sexual harassment lawsuits from employees, and reportedly ran company meetings in his underwear. 

CHARNEY: "I'm a schizophrenic creative, you know?" (Via ABC)

Perhaps most infamously, an American Apparel manager accused Charney of forcing her into sexual acts for months, and at one point holding her at his apartment against her will.

IRENE MORALES: "I don't want to keep a secret about this, especially when I know there might be others out there like me who need help." (Via NBC)

That lawsuit was, however, thrown out. (Via New York Post)

And these days the company is far from its heyday, having seen sales slumps and a major drop in its stock price. (Via The Street)

Charney copped to his own flaws in a January interview, telling Marketplace, "My biggest weakness is me. I mean, lock me up already! It's obvious! ... I'm my own worst enemy. But what can you do—I was born strange."

And now outlets wonder if, with that "weakness" gone, American Apparel can rebound. (Via

Board members said they plan to find a new permanent chief executive to replace 45-year-old Charney.