American Student Who Went Missing In Israel Found Dead

The body of Aaron Sofer, who went missing Friday while hiking through the Jerusalem Forest, was discovered Thursday.

American Student Who Went Missing In Israel Found Dead
The Star-Ledger / Bumper DeJesus

After almost a week of searching, Israeli investigators say they've found the body of Aaron Sofer, a New Jersey native who went missing in Israel Friday.

The 23-year-old Sofer, an ultra-Orthodox Jew studying at a yeshiva in Israel, disappeared while on a hike through the Jerusalem Forest Friday, after getting separated from his friend. Authorities and volunteers combed the forest for six days looking for Sofer. (Video via CNN)

His body was finally spotted by a volunteer Thursday, and forensic investigators confirmed the student's identity. They also didn't find any sign of foul play, which a friend of the family said is some comfort.

YAAKOV WENGER ON NEWS 12 NEW JERSEY: "There was some closure to the fact that this may very well have been an accidental death, as opposed to their son being abducted."

The news of ​Sofer's disappearance came at a tense moment for Israel. The country has agreed to another cease-fire with Hamas after nearly two months of brutal conflict.

And the latest round of hostilities was spurred on by abductions: three Israeli teens were abducted and killed, allegedly by Hamas members, back in June, and a Palestinian boy was kidnapped and murdered in a supposed revenge attack weeks later. (Video via Fox News)

Before Sofer's body was discovered, outlets like the New York Daily News speculated Hamas might have been involved in this latest disappearance as well — a possibility which would have had dire implications for the current ceasefire.

Sofer's funeral is scheduled for Friday morning.