Anthony Bosch Claims He Received Death Threats

Bosch detailed to CBS's "60 Minutes" how he allegedly helped Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and other MLB players dope.

Anthony Bosch Claims He Received Death Threats

During an exclusive interview on "60 Minutes," Anthony Bosch, the man at the center of an alleged performance enhancing drug ring of MLB players, explained his involvement with the infamous Biogenesis clinic and specifically how he allegedly helped Alex Rodriguez with doping. 

Bosch covered it all, from text messages which he claims feature instructions on how to use PEDs, to code words the MLB All-Star and Bosch used to keep from getting caught. (Via CBS / "60 Minutes"ESPN)

​But one particularly eye-opening portion of the interview was Bosch's claim he received death threats from one of A-Rod's long time friends. 

Bosch told 60 Minutes his girlfriend got a text message that read, "[Bosch] would not live to see the end of the year."

Bosch said these threats came after repeated attempts to bribe him were turned down. Bosch allegedly was offered $25,000 per month to move to Colombia and "lay low." (Via ESPN)

MLB COO Rob Manfred backed up Bosch's death threat claim telling Scott Pelley, Bosch's main concern when he first came to the MLB was his safety. (Via SB Nation

When Bosch agreed to work with the MLB in the league's investigation of the players, the league paid for him to have bodyguards. As you might imagine, Rodriguez denies any and all charges against him. His lawyer released this statement in regards to the allegations. 

"Tonight's further expansion of Bud Selig and Rob Manfred's quest to destroy Alex Rodriguez goes beyond comprehension. In a clearly pre-orchestrated display, Selig and Manfred ... put forth an unparalleled display of hubris and vindictiveness." (Via CBS)

Rodriguez's suspension from baseball is the longest PED-related ban in history at 162 games. A-Rod says he plans to take MLB to federal court to fight his suspension. If it does hold up though, A-Rod will lose out on about $25 million in salary.