Apparent Chemical Attack Injures Nearly 100 People In Syria

Syrian officials say terrorist groups launched the suspected chemical attack, but rebel groups say they're being framed.

Apparent Chemical Attack Injures Nearly 100 People In Syria
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Around 100 people are injured after what Syrian officials say was a chemical attack on the government-held city of Aleppo.

There's been some back and forth about what happened. Aleppo's chief of police told state-run Syrian Arab News Agency that terrorist organizations targeted residential neighborhoods Saturday night with shells that contained toxic gas.

But a Turkish-backed organization of Syrian rebel groups told Al Jazeera the government was trying to frame it and denied that it even had poisonous gas.

Footage from SANA shows people being treated in hospitals following the apparent chemical attack. Officials pointed out that chlorine gas was likely used due to some symptoms victims exhibited.

A team working with the U.N. has accused both the Syrian government and militant groups of using chlorine gas and other chemical weapons in the past.

In response to the suspected gas attack on Aleppo, Syrian-allied Russian warplanes launched airstrikes on rebel-held areas in northern Syria for the first time in months. The attack violates terms of a truce between Turkey and Russia, which was struck at a summit back in September.