Apple Takes Down Last Bitcoin-Transaction App

Blockchain was taken out of the App Store Wednesday night, and some see its removal as another sign Apple doesn’t like Bitcoin.

Apple Takes Down Last Bitcoin-Transaction App
Wikimedia Commons / Isokivi

Apple struck again against Bitcoin Wednesday. The company removed its most popular Bitcoin app, Blockchain, from the App Store.

According to Blockchain's response, Apple did not provide a clear reason for the takedown. Instead, the tech giant referenced an "unresolved issue."

Which, as Blockchain says, kind of amounts to a "because we said so." But surely there's another reason, right?

In December, Apple made messaging app Gliph remove a portion of its app that allowed for Bitcoin exchange. At the time, TechCrunch said: "Bitcoin is not illegal, but it is also not legally recognized by governments as a currency. This gray area is what is leading Apple to reject Bitcoin-transaction apps."

But that’s not what Blockchain thinks. ReadWrite points out Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently hinted at the company developing a new mobile payment system. Blockchain writes:

"These actions by Apple once again demonstrate the anti-competitive and capricious nature of the App Store policies that are clearly focused on preserving Apple's monopoly on payments rather than based on any consideration of the needs and desires of their users."

Currently, the company reports its app is used by about 120,000 people. Note, the app will still work for those people, but there won't be any future updates or new users. (Via Bloomberg)

PCWorld adds iOS users will still see Bitcoin-related apps in the App Store, but there are no longer any apps that allow users to transfer bitcoins, which is kind of the point.

Apps like BitPak, Bitcoin Express and Coinbase have all been taken from the App Store.

While Apple could be playing on the right side of the law here, it's already losing users to Bitcoin-friendly Android.

There is a thread on Reddit that features videos, like this one, of people smashing their iPhones because of Apple's apparent stance on the issue.  (Via YouTube / Boanerges)

So far, Apple has yet to comment on the app takedown or overall speculation that it's anti-Bitcoin.