Arizona Fans Riot After Overtime Loss In NCAA Tourney

After a heartbreaking overtime loss in the men's basketball tournament, Arizona Wildcat fans rioted on the streets of Tucson.

Arizona Fans Riot After Overtime Loss In NCAA Tourney
Arizona Daily Star / Ryan Revock

 The top two seeds in the West region of the NCAA tournament, the Arizona Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers faced off in an overtime thriller Saturday. It was a great game between two great teams but, Arizona fans didn't take the loss very well.

"Arizona fans run wild after a heartbreaking loss to Wisconsin in the NCAA tournament. Disappointed fans spilled into the streets." (Via  WMAQ)

Immediately after the overtime loss, Arizona fans in Tuscon took to the streets and while doing so reportedly blocked roads. When police ordered them to move, the riot began. (Via Fox News)

"Police say several hundred fans, hit the streets overnight, throwing beer bottles and firecrackers at the offiers, at least nine people were arrested." (Via  WCPO)

The student newspaper for the University of Arizona described the scene writing, "Fans in the street refused to leave and began chanting “U of A.” ... police started to throw pepper canisters, which dispense pepper spray into the air, at the front of the crowd. ... Crowd members hit by the pepper spray were visibly affected, coughing and tearing up, with some even vomiting on the sidewalk, but the crowd did not diminish." (Via The Daily Wildcat)

According to the Arizona Daily Star it took about 50 to 75 officers to finally break up the crowd, and the streets were mostly clear by about 10 p.m.

For all the pepper spray and crazy fans police say no one was seriously injured. Fifteen people were arrested by the end of the night with fourteen of them being released shortly after. (Via Tucson Police Department)

Not surprisingly, the scene in Madison Wisconsin looked very similar but no reports of pepper spray and riot police, just very very excited fans. *Fans chant Final Four* (Via Instagram / uwmadison)