Armed Robbery Caught On Live Video Game Stream

Viewers watching a popular streaming gamer on Twitch instead saw a man armed with a gun break into the gamer's home.

Armed Robbery Caught On Live Video Game Stream
YouTube / madcarvers

Gamers who thought they were sitting down to view a stream of a popular video game Monday wound up witnessing a live robbery.

Nikki Elise was streaming her match of "Defense of the Ancients 2" on Twitch.tv from her home in Phoenix, Arizona, when a man reportedly broke into her house. (Via Twitch / @Sajedene)

The video shows Elise leaving her bedroom to investigate shouts from her living room. Next thing streamers saw was a man enter with a gun and leave with several other items. (Via KNXV)

KNXV reports one of Elise's friends who knew her location was watching the stream and immediately contacted police. 

One of the suspects was still at the home when police arrived, according to KTVK​. He was arrested after a short foot chase and is in custody, but another suspect remains on the loose.

The intruders stole Elise's personal firearms, her computer and several other items.

It seems like, with more and more people recording themselves for an online audience, there have been more and more crimes caught on camera, too.

Last week, a mountain biker in South Africa recorded himself being robbed at gun point with a GoPro camera. His bike, cell phone, sun glasses and car keys were stolen but the robbers apparently did not recognize the camera on his forehead. (Via Mashable)

A writer for onGamers tweeted Elise was "very shaken up but ok" after the incident.