Asiana Crash Vid: Rescuers Saw Body Before Running It Over

New video from the Asiana Airlines crash shows rescuers warned each other about Ye Meng Yuan, but she was still run over and killed.

Asiana Crash Vid: Rescuers Saw Body Before Running It Over

Newly released video shows how one of the three victims died in the Asiana Airlines crash over the summer. While the other two died from the impact of the crash, this one was run over by the San Francisco Fire Department.

CBS provided the exclusive video we want to warn you, some viewers may find the footage disturbing.

"Stop Stop Stop. There's a body right there."

"Firefighters did notice 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan."


"And when she was spotted, drivers were warned to avoid what they thought was her lifeless body." (Via  KPIX)

The firefighter helmet cam footage shows Ye was run over twice by firefighters and contradicts the SFFD's earlier claims that she was accidentally run over because she was hidden in firefighting foam.

To make matters worse, CBS writes, "One lieutenant told crash investigators she "made a 'three-second' visual assessment and thought, 'That's our first casualty' -- but did not check the girl's vital signs."

An autopsy later revealed Ye was alive while laying there on the ground but died from "multiple blunt injuries" that were consistent with being run over. 

The video was reportedly obtained by someone close to Ye's family, who just last week filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco for gross negligence claiming the firefighters on scene were reckless. (Via ABC)

The San Francisco Fire Department has not commented on the pending litigation.