AT&T Gives No-Contract Customers A Price Break

AT&T is finally offering its no-contract customers a break. New phone plans are rolling out from the company, and people can start signing up Sunday.

AT&T Gives No-Contract Customers A Price Break

If you're a no-contract customer of AT&T's, things might get a little cheaper for you — and just in time for the holidays. 

"The company said Thursday that it is tweaking its mobile share plans, changing around various parts to give customers a break."

CNET explains AT&T is addressing the problem with its previous no-contract plans and finally offering a discount to people for not accepting a subsidized phone. Plus, reducing prices isn't exactly a bad thing for customers. 

So, say bye-bye to contracts? The plan boasts more flexibility, more savings and fees as low as $45 a month for a data plan and unlimited talk and text. 

"These new plans do not technically replace the current Mobile Share plans. Subscribers on a current plan will not automatically be moved over to a new one. If you are on an old plan though, we highly recommend you call ... and switch immediately." (Via BGR)

The savings will apply to customers who pay full prices for their phone, participate in AT&T Next — the monthly installment plan — or those who bring a compatible phone to the network. 

The move is good timing for AT&T. The company has been feeling pressure as its rivals are gaining more and more smartphone customers. (Via KSDK)

Like T-Mobile, which posted an impressive quarter, adding 685,000-plus new contract customers.

But not all customers are buying AT&T's latest move — like this tweeter, who said people are still receiving a poor deal. His sentiments echoed many others on the social media website. 

But if you're eager for the deal, you won't have to wait long. Beginning Sunday, customers can sign up for the new plans.