AT&T Will Help Launch Another Smartphone, Amazon's First

The Wall Street Journal is reporting AT&T has been tapped to carry Amazon's first smartphone. An announcement is expected to be made Wednesday.

AT&T Will Help Launch Another Smartphone, Amazon's First

​AT&T has reportedly been tapped to carry Amazon's rumored smartphone — expected to be unveiled at a special presentation Wednesday.

"In the last hour we've learned the device may already have an exclusive carrier ... AT&T will exclusively carry Amazon smartphone." (Via KNBC)

The Journal cited people "familiar" with the plans while breaking the news only a day before the big reveal. If confirmed, AT&T will be the exclusive carrier of Amazon's first-ever handset. (Via Amazon)

Presumably, a two-year contract with the carrier will become the next "feature" rumored to be paired with the smartphone.  

Other nerd-drooling, yet unconfirmed specs include a 3-D interface made possible by the phone's four built-in cameras, as reported by BGRTechCrunch added those cameras might be used for facial tracking and allow users to tilt their heads to reveal content.

The New York Times suspected this practical feature: better, more intuitive shopping via your phone that "aims to close any remaining gap between the impulse to buy and the completed act."

By signing with AT&T, Amazon will take a page out of Apple's book. The carrier helped launch the company's flagship iPhone back in 2007.

But choosing AT&T over others might be more about history as well. AT&T already shares a relationship with the online retail giant, supplying data service for its line of Kindle tablets. Plus, in April it was reported Amazon was cooking up a "Prime Data" plan, which could entice members of its existing Prime membership program. (Via AT&TAmazon)

ZDNet says AT&T's betting on Amazon's phone to bring innovation back into the saturated market, but the gamble could pay off for the carrier, too.

"If Amazon's smartphone proves a popular novelty in a world where smartphones are all reaching the point of looking the same, the exclusivity deal could once again provide the carrier with a leg-up against rivals." (Via ZDNet)

​The event takes place in Seattle Wednesday. Amazon is expected to start shipping its device by September.