'Blarney Blowout' Goes Too Far Again

The pre-St. Patrick's Day party is not sanctioned by the University of Massachusetts, and tends to see major clashes between police and students.

'Blarney Blowout' Goes Too Far Again
MassLive.com / Robert Rizzuto

It's known around the University of Massachusetts as the "Blarney Blowout."

It's an annual pre-St. Patrick's Day party not sanctioned by the university — and it tends to see major clashes between Amherst police and students. (Via The Republican)

"Get inside! Get inside!"

Which was, again, the case Saturday and early Sunday — when police arrested about 73 people after trying to break up crowds near the UMass campus. (Via YouTube / Oscar Hottakes)

"It's to my understanding that the university and police expected by announcing an increased police presence it would keep partying down, but it seems to have had adverse affects." (Via WWLP)

YouTube user Larry Kelley caught this video of police apparently using tear gas to disperse crowds. Officers said they used pepper spray because of the quote "assaultive behavior" of the crowds. 

According to ABC, some students threw beer bottles, cans and snowballs at arresting officers, leading to four Amherst police injuries. 

UMass had sent warning letters to students in the days before the event. University officials say any students arrested in connection with Blarney Blowout will face a sanctions review.