Blind Man Sinks 3-Pointer, Wins McDonald's For A Year

Michael Quin made a 3-point shot at a Missouri basketball game — no easy task, considering Quin is blind.

Blind Man Sinks 3-Pointer, Wins McDonald's For A Year

One 54-year-old man made an extraordinary 3-point shot, but it's not just the basket that has people talking. 

"Michael Quin is blind, and he won one year of free McDonald's for that." (Via Fox News

It all went down in Springfield, Mo., at a College of the Ozarks basketball game. KSPR reports: "Starting six years ago Michael had a series of falls. He eventually went blind and in 2010 lost much of his mental capacity."

QUIN: "I try my best."

REPORTER: "Last year, he joined Champion Athletes of the Ozarks."

SUSAN MILES: ​"We work with individuals with all types of disabilities."

QUIN: "If I do my best, everything else will be OK." ​(Via KSPR)

Quin's prize was a year's worth of McDonald's. ABC's Josh Elliott seemed inspired by Quin and mentioned his story on "Good Morning America."

JOSH ELLIOTT: "Heave it and hope, and it went. Michael Quin, the McNuggets are on you, my man." 

And the man responsible for the video, Zach Doebler, was thrilled it was spreading like wildfire. He took to Facebook to encourage others to watch.

One ESPN sports business reporter calculated what the cash prize would be worth, noting that a free McDonald's Extra Value Meal every week for a year would be worth $420. (Via Twitter / @darrenrovell)

Other media outlets picked up the story, too — NJ.com had a playful take on the story, saying:

"He's lovin' it ... and so is the crowd."

And Quin isn't some one-trick pony. He even repeated the shot multiple times for a KSPR anchor. That's talent. Next, he might need to join a gym to combat all that free McDonald's food.