2020 Election

Biden Vows To Work With Republicans

Some political analysts believe the experience of Biden, Harris as senators may help negotiations with Congress.

Biden Vows To Work With Republicans
Rebecca Blackwell / AP

President-Elect Joe Biden has made it clear he wants to reach across the aisle to  Republicans. But how important will that that be especially reaching his legislative goals? 

Biden is a creature of the senate. He was there for three decades. Sen. Harris, soon to be Vice President Harris, is also a former senator. And they know the way it works. They know the inner workings. And that may enable them to work better with Congress than possibly the previous administration did because they understand what needs to give, when to ask for more.

They will be able to work with them in a way that we really haven't seen since Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House because both of them were creatures of the senate.