California Fire Crews Battle Heat, Erratic Winds

Firefighters in California are in for another difficult day of containment. Temps in southern parts of the state likely won't cool off until Friday.

California Fire Crews Battle Heat, Erratic Winds

High temperatures and strong winds are complicating containment efforts for firefighters battling nine separate blazes near San Diego Thursday.

In San Marcos County: "It has scorched 500 acres. Fire crews are saying this fire is troublesome because of the erratic behavior and shifting winds — winds that are expected again today." (Via USA Today)

"At least nine confirmed fires raging around San Diego, torching at least 9,000 acres." (Via ABC)

CNN reports as of Wednesday, the city of Carlsbad has issued 23,000 evacuations.

"Do you know how many homes we've lost?"

"I have no idea. Right now this fire has got down into the drainages, according to the air attack over the fire. And it's running. We have erratic winds. We have low humidity, down into the single digits."

KNSD reports at least one of the fires grew overnight, despite containment efforts on the ground and in the air.

National Weather Service officials told the Los Angeles Times winds are expected to shift Thursday — for better or for worse.

"With the wind directions becoming variable, it's more difficult to predict which way the fire is going to grow. There's an abundance of fuel to consume."

Meteorologists say temperatures in Southern California are expected to start dropping Friday.