California High School Seniors Set Graduation Stage On Fire

Two students allegedly set fire to the stage set up for their high school graduation, causing a reported $100,000 in damage.

California High School Seniors Set Graduation Stage On Fire
Sacramento Bee

Two Roseville, Calif., teenagers allegedly attempted to end their senior year with a bang. Well, a blaze ...

Setting the stage set up for their impending high school graduation on fire Thursday morning, and leaving a giant burn mark on Roseville High School's football field.  (Via Sacramento Bee

School officials said the incident goes way beyond a senior prank, and fellow students told local media they were confused by the whole thing.

​​"Seniors Jordan Loya and Joe Evans were escorted off campus in handcuffs..." 

​SAMANTHA CHEEK (STUDENT): "We thought it might be a rival school, or, like, underclassman. It was really, like, crazy to find out it was actually our own class." (Via:  KTXL

"If this was a senior prank, then there's no sense in doing it. Especially if they had no real reason." 

"We're told a number of local businesses stepped forward to donate time and materials to keep the ceremony on track." (Via: KOVR

KXTV reports officials are still investigating the incident – but are confident the fire was deliberately set.

The two suspects face allegations of arson, vandalism, and conspiracy – having caused a reported $100,000 in damage. The field's turf was relatively new. (via: YouTube

The students – one in juvenile custody, the other in county jail – will still receive their diplomas. Graduation ceremonies are expected to go on Friday as planned.