California Could Square Off With The White House Over Auto Emissions

California lawmakers just upped the number of zero-emission cars automakers have to sell.

California Could Square Off With The White House Over Auto Emissions
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California is toughening its auto emissions standards at a time when nationwide requirements seem likely to be loosened.

The California Air Resources Board requires automakers to make sure 15 percent of their sales are zero-emission vehicles by 2025.

Typically, the federal government decides that level, but thanks to a waiver in the Clean Air Act, California sets its own standard. That's a big deal because 12 other states have set their levels to match California.

Gov. Jerry Brown speaks about climate change.

Trump's Skeptical View Of Climate Change Means Nothing To California

California rolled out a plan to reduce carbon emissions the same day the Trump administration vowed to cut Obama's Climate Action Plan.


Environmentalists hailed the decision as a big win, but it may not last. President Donald Trump promised to cut regulations after carmakers said they were being forced to sell an unreasonable percentage of zero-emission vehicles.

The disagreement could set the stage for a court battle between California and the Trump administration. Gov. Jerry Brown has promised to fight Trump's agenda, hiring former Attorney General Eric Holder to bolster the state's legal defense.