Can This Website Predict The Day You Will Die?

The Death Clock uses BMI, smoking status and personality traits to calculate your last day among the living.

Can This Website Predict The Day You Will Die?

If you could find out when you will die, would you want to know? A website claims it can calculate your day of death.

Your ability to stay calm is the first thing that gets killed, but then after you enter your age, BMI, smoking habits and personality traits, it spits out the date you become the dearly departed.

"The website will take away six years if you're a smoker, or take four years off your life expectancy if you're obese. All these factors come into it, and there's many factors it doesn't address at all," Dr. Philippa Cheetham explained on Fox

The Death Clock works on generalized statistics provided by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control — the same type of numbers that tell us women live five years longer than men and that smokers typically live shorter lives. The data might be outdated — some pages of the site say they were last updated in 2012 and 2005. 

Other sites exist that try to explain how you will die and how other people tend to die.

But of course, critics say it's nearly impossible to predict the day, down to the second, of a person's death. The Death Clock does not include several other factors that can contribute to death.