Canada Introduces A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide

Canada's Liberal Party says its plan to legalize pot would help keep it away from kids and hurt criminal organizations.

Canada Introduces A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Nationwide
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana, making Canada just the second country in the world behind Uruguay to do so.

The Cannabis Act would make the drug legal for anyone over 18, though provinces could decide to raise the minimum age.

Anyone of age would be allowed to have a maximum of 30 grams of cannabis. It would also be legal for tourists to use it while visiting.

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Marijuana Legalization Initiatives Could Inject $7.8B Into The Economy

The new report also claims the entire cannabis industry in the U.S. could hit $20.6 billion by 2020.


The bill's authors believe that by regulating marijuana, the government can help keep it away from children and cut into the profits of organized crime.

The government wants to ensure that marijuana use won't affect safety. Part of the bill focuses on how to determine whether someone is driving stoned by developing a bud breathalyzer.

The bill is expected to pass through Canada's Parliament and receive Trudeau's signature and would be implemented in the summer of 2018.