Catt Sadler Reveals Why She Left E!

The longtime host said she discovered her male co-host was making almost double her salary.

Catt Sadler Reveals Why She Left E!
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Former "E! News" host Catt Sadler says she left the network over a "massive disparity in pay."

Sadler made her final on-air appearance Tuesday after 12 years with the network. Most recently, she'd been hosting both a two-hour live daytime show and the nightly news program. 

In a post on her website, Sadler wrote she decided to leave the network after learning her "similarly situated male co-host" had been earning almost double her salary for some time. 

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Sadler didn't name the male counterpart in her post, but she later told People it's her "E! News" co-host Jason Kennedy. 

When it came time to renegotiate her contract, Sadler wrote that she and her team asked the network to pay her "what I know I deserve and were denied repeatedly." A network spokesperson told People that it "compensates employees fairly and appropriately based on their roles, regardless of gender."

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.