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CDC Launches Another Round Of Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads

The CDC launched another round of graphic ex-smoker testimonials to warn people of the dangers of smoking.

CDC Launches Another Round Of Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched a familiar ad campaign Tuesday once again using very graphic stories from ex-smokers to warn people of the real dangers of smoking. 

The CDC's campaign, dubbed "Tips From Former Smokers," gives real first-hand accounts of things like gum disease, tooth loss, throat cancer and a premature birth from a mother who smoked during pregnancy.

And, perhaps most jarring, a woman named Terrie who died last September at age 53 from lung cancer. (Via YouTube / TRUTHAgainstTobacco)

‚Äč"Don't start smoking. And, if you do smoke, quit. ... I don't want anyone to have to go through what I'm going through." (Via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Now, this isn't the first time the CDC has run with a fear-based campaign, and the first round of scary ads actually had a decent success rate.

The government's tobacco agency reported at least 1.6 million people tried to quit after the last batch of ads back in 2012 and more than 100,000 former smokers were able to kick the bad habit entirely. (Via USA Today, Flickr / Gonzalo Merat)

"So, it was a very effective because it showed the reality of smoking: suffering, disability, disfigurement. People not being able to go about their daily lives." (Via CBS)

In fact, according to TIME, the previous anti-smoking campaign "generated over 100,000 additional calls to the CDC's quit line," up 80 percent over the prior week when those spots weren't airing.

The new ads will run on TV, radio and other media beginning July 7.