This Chef Is Upgrading The Look Of Military Meals

Chef Chuck George grew up eating the military fare his dad brought home, but now, he's elevating the bland meals.

This Chef Is Upgrading The Look Of Military Meals
Henry Hargreaves

Chef Chuck George is giving ready-to-eat military meals a five-star makeover.

Also called MREs, military rations typically don't require cooking. The ingredients could include beans, rice, bread and various meats or vegetables.

But George decided to transform those bland meals he ate when he lived on a military base as a kid.

George wanted give MREs the same "reverence and elevation" that he gave other ingredients from top-notch kitchens.

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He also experiments with MREs from other countries' militaries.

"You can tell a lot about how valued someone is by the food they are given," George says.

As Task and Purpose notes, George certainly reinvented the look of the meals — but because he uses the same ingredients, the taste probably doesn't change.

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Photos by Henry Hargreaves and video by Jimmy Pham.